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About Our City

The City of Kirbyville first incorporated in 1926, and according to the 2014 United States Census Bureau, currently has a population of 2,129 living within its approximate 2.4 mile city limit radius.   The town was first established in 1895 when the Gulf, Beaumont and Kansas City railroad reached the site. It was first named Kirby for John Henry Kirby, a lumber businessman who intended to use the site for building a facility to market his lumber. The post office was established the same year, but the name was changed to Kirbyville when a town already called Kirby was discovered.

Many of the early establishment buildings are still standing on Main Street full of historical value, including the Palace Theater which houses the infamous Country Music Show hosted by the Kirbyville Heritage Society every second Saturday of the month beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Popular destinations in Kirbyville include the Palace Theater, a Community Center, the Kirbyville Public Library, and two city owned parks, the Magnolia Park and the Beavis-Skinner Park, both of which host a number of exciting annual events including the Magnolia Festival, Fishing in the Park and Christmas in the Park.

Police Department  (409) 423-6201
The Kirbyville Police Department is located at 102 South Maragaret Avenue, Kirbyville, Texas which is at the corner of U.S. Highway 96 and Main Street.  The officers of the Kirbyville Police Department are all dedicated to our mission and are eager and enthusiastic to perform their duties to serve our community. Our police officers are well trained in the state and focus on building partnerships with our community, so together we can better our commitment to public safety and the high quality of life we currently enjoy.

To contact the Kirbyville Police Department call (409) 423-6201. If there is an emergency, call 911.

Kirbyville City Hall (409) 423-4641

Municipal Court
The Kirbyville Municipal Court office is located at 102 South Margaret Avenue
(corner of U.S. Highway 96 and Main Street) in Kirbyville, Texas 75956. 

Volunteer Fire Department  (409) 423-2626
The Kirbyville Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1928, and is  located at 110 East Lavielle Street in Kirbyville.  

To contact the Kirbyville Volunteer Fire Dept call (409) 423-2626

Post Offices (409) 423-4641
United States Postal Service
301 E Lavielle St - Kirbyville, Texas 75956

To contact the Kirbyville Post Office (409) 423-4641

Kirbyville Power & Water (409) 423-6191

Kirbyville Public Schools 

Kirbyville Schools (409)423-2284
Kirbyville Consolidated Independent School District Main Office 206 E. Main St Kirbyville 

Kirbyville High School  (409)423-7500
109 Wildcat Dr.  Kirbyville, Texas 75956
Kirbyville Elem School (409)423-8526
2100 S.Margaret,  Kirbyville, Texas 75956
Center For Exceptional Children (409) 420-0723
2100 S. Margaret,  Kirbyville, Texas 75956
Kirbyville JR High  (409)420-0692
2200 S. Margaret,  Kirbyville, Texas 75956